Skin Treatments

At LilaJune, we are committed to providing you with personalized skincare services to ensure that your time at the Studio is relaxing and delivers radiant results.

LilaJune Custom Facial

Combining our expertise and amazing Jan Marini Skincare products and our own LilaJune Skincare, this facial will be tailor-made to suit your skins needs. Using pressure points, lymphatic draining techniques and steam, this facial treatment will leave you glowing and blissful. Suitable for those concerned with ageing, dry, oily and congested or problem skin. 50 minutes $102
This facial may also include one of the following at no additional charge (as per our expert suggestion):
Microdermabrasion | Glycolic Acid Peel | Dermaplaning | Anti-aging Retinol Mask

Teen Facial

This condensed version of the LilaJune Custom Facial addresses any problem areas both with products, extractions, and our various professional devices. Consulting and devising a successful clear-skin plan will be included promoting skin knowledge and confidence! 40 minutes $82


Wanting to fight the signs of aging without surgery or needles? We have your answer. Microcurrent sends safe painless impulses to your facial muscles to re-educate the muscle causing tightening and toning. The muscle memory is activated and woken up and the current reminds it where it used to be before gravity wore it down. At the same time serums are pressed deep into the skin smoothing fine lines. Even after receiving Microcurrent your skin continues to stimulate more collagen and elastin even after one treatment, although a series is highly recommended for amazing results.

15 sessions is the ideal number of treatments to get the WOW factor. These should be done 2-3 times a week minimum for at least 4 weeks followed by monthly maintenance. Treatments last between 30 and 45 minutes. Sessions can be done more spread out, the above is just a suggested regimen to get the most benefits.
1 treatment $120
5 treatments $550 ($110 each)
10 treatments $1000 ($100 each)
15 treatments $1350 ($90 each)
Add Glycolic Peel or Dermaplaning – $155 (75 mins)

Jan Marini Refine Peel

By using a combination of acids and retinol, this peel is perfect for treating fine lines, pigmentation and uneven tone and texture. With minimal downtime, this peel will keep your skin looking its best while fighting the signs of aging.
1 peel $210 | Recommended course of 3 peels $525 with 15% off home care products

Skin Classic High Frequency Treatment

Tired of that weird bump on your cheek? Red broken capillaries on the sides of your nose? Skin tags? Brown spots? Those little red looking moles (cherry angiomas)? This amazing easy treatment can vastly improve your skin and the way you feel about your skin! Most irregularities only require 1 treatment. A four week follow up treatment is always included. Ask us for a Free consultation. Treatment costs from $45 per area, and options include the full face (four or more areas), neck and decolleté.

Hydro Facial

Using gentle, relaxing cyclone water exfoliation, dead skin and impurities are removed leaving behind healthy fresh skin. With natural cleansing serums and painless gentle suction, pores are unclogged of dead skin cells and built up oils.

Next the skin is treated with Ultrasonic therapy, which increases skin metabolism and tightens and brightens. Radio Frequency follows which stimulates collagen, increases elasticity, reduces lines and plumps up tissues. Both of these are used in conjunction with masks and serums. 

Your skin is then infused with peptides and antioxidants for maximum protection and a radiant glow.   Sound relaxing? It is! There are three ways to experience a Hydro Facial.

The Express Hydro Facial: 30 mins $88
This facial is all about the skin! Even though the treatment time might be shorter, it does not leave anything out when it comes to the skin.

The Hydro Facial: 60 mins $168
This facial not only includes all of the skin rejuvenating steps, but it also includes the facial massage.

The Hydro Micro Facial: 75 mins $188
This facial has all of the skin improving steps of the Hydro Facial combined with the muscle toning microcurrent. Not only are all of the structural layers of skin treated with the hydro facial, but also the underlying muscles of the face are stimulated lifting and toning the face. 


“This boutique day spa is a gem. All of the professionals here are experts at what they do. The space itself is sparkling clean and relaxing, without being pretentious. In addition to being a very enjoyable human, Jennie, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable about skincare.”

~ Lauren