Skincare Testimonials

  • I have been using LilaJune Regenerating Night Cream since it was first developed. My aging skin does not seem to be showing its’ age! Fantastic product.

    ~ Anne

  • I really like the light texture of the day cream, it absorbs into my skin very well. It helps my skin feel and look nice and healthy! It's nourishing and it gives me a glow! It has practically no scent whatsoever, that's very hard to find, even among all-natural moisturizers - it looks pure and fresh in the jar too. I love it! 🙂

    ~ Isabelle

  • LilaJune skincare products have me hooked! The night cream is my favorite. I wake up every morning feeling like my skin is looking its best. I highly recommend it!

    ~ Nadine

  • I have been using LilaJune facial creams for 4 years and love them! They are light but rich, not greasy, or heavy, and absorb so well. I ran out while on a trip and had to buy a different product. I was reminded why I use LilaJune. It is so much better. My skin is much happier with all the natural ingredients used in Jennie’s creams.

    ~ Janet

  • This product is a gentle cleanser for my dry, sensitive skin. Just using a small amount does a great job of removing my make-up and cleaning my skin without stripping it of moisture. I highly recommend this cleanser.

    ~ Sue

  • Awesome hand cream! I live in the San Fernando Valley, where it feels like 0% humidity. I’ve tried numerous organic lotions, and I love this Lila June body cream. I was worried that it would be too "perfume-y," but it’s not whatsoever. It’s not oily either, which is what happens with a lot of high-end creams. Great product, and I’ll definitely be stocking up!

    ~ Kim

  • I like this day cream. It applies smoothly and has a pleasant scent. I have been using it for many months and am pleased with the results.

    ~ Heather

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